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PressExp has refund policy for customers who feel dissatisfaction from completed order of services. However customers are requested to first contact our customer support and if they are still not satisfied they can follow the refund policy guidelines to avail the refund.

We at PressExp are dedicated to provide the best services to our clients. Our customer satisfaction guarantee applies to the quality of the Press Release writing and Press Release submission. Beside quality we value time and so we also assure that you will receive your order in a certain time frame. Some bulk orders may take some additional time and our team will try to convey same to clients.

We value your feedback and your concern with regard to your order and it would help us serve you better, hence we have a refund policy. In case you are dissatisfied with the completed order, please contact our 24 * 7 customer support with your concern as your first option. Our customer support should be able to address your concerns and come to a solution to satisfy your expectations. Many times issues are resolved with communication. We will provide the best possible solution and address all your concerns and issues. If you are still dissatisfied after contacting our customer support team, you may apply for a refund.

We would not be liable to refund in circumstances where we miss the submission deadline due to a customer`s failure to submit press release on time.

When a customer makes a claim for poor quality of an order, please provide specific examples like links or screenshots with regard to any quality issues of the comments.

In case you are still not satisfied, please contact our 24 * 7 customer support with your Order No. and ask for a cancellation of your order. The details would be sent to you via email. However please note it would not be possible to cancel your order if we have completed 50% of your work.

We do not issue any refunds if we fail a deadline due to delays in submission of necessary materials and content from the customers end. Please make sure to submit all necessary materials as soon as possible.

We submit the press release to customer for approval. If client approves it, we will not refund its writing cost, yes if we have not started the submission we can refund proportionate amount. If we have not written PR or quality of PR written by us is not acceptable by customer they can ask to rewrite same or ask for complete refund and in that case we will issue 100% refund.

Our job is to write the PR for our customers and submit same to PR sites which are free/paid as based on plan. Not all sites will approve all PRs and we don't have any control over any of PR sites to force them to get any PR included it's their sole right. So we will not be able to refund if your PR is not approved by all or any sites. We will also not be able to issue refund if google does not index all PR's submitted to various sites or any site as its again not in our control.

We always try to give our customers best of service and quality and that's why we have high client retention and same clients come back for all their SEO and press solutions.

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