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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Press Release Submission?
Press Release (Article/News/Product Release) Submission is a Submission of your product/news/article to Press Release sites. This is a whole new technique to drive traffic and sales to your websites.
What is the use of Press Release?

Press Release is a complete website promoting service.

1. It Drives Targeted Traffic to your Website.
2. It boosts your sites Google Page Rank.
3. It Increases one way valid Back links to your website.
4. It Increases your Product Sales.
5. It helps to get your pages crawl easily by major search engines.

So it Increases your Link Popularity with Traffic and Sales.
Why submit Manually?
Many Press Release sites don't allow Automatic Submission. Automatic (Machine Submission) is known as SPAM in many Press Release Sites. Manual Submission can get 100 % result from Press Release Sites.
Which is the Press Release Site where my Press is going to get submitted?
These Sites are having High Page Rank. They get tremendous amount of traffic which will be send to your site. And yes this will be targeted Traffic so your sales gets increased automatically.
Do I need to write an Article/Press?
Absolutely not, as we mentioned above we have experts which will write Article/Press on your site and submit it after your approval. They are highly qualified and specialized in this field.
Do you provide Report after completion of work?
Sure, you will get a complete detailed report of your Press Release Submission on a Excel Sheet or HTML. Also you will get Screen Shots of per submission. That means you will get 100 screen shots with a Excel Sheet with full details of your submission.
How will be the submission?
We first get the article written from our expert press writer then pass it on to our Submission team. Submission team will manually create new user accounts on all Newswire and Press Release sites. Then they will submit your details one by one. We will track all information of your submission in an email id especially created on your name so that you get to know the submission status.
How much time it needs to get completed?
Normally we complete one site article writing and submission to 100 sites within 3 days. But sometimes it may take 4-5 days depending upon our work and holidays.
What are the required details?
(1) Web Site (URL).
(2) Author.
(3) Category.
(4) Company Name.
(5) Full Contact Details (Street Address, Phone Number, Fax, Email, etc.).
(6) Keywords.
Why pressexp.com?
Pressexp.com is well known company for press submission. We have partnered with many top Press newswire sites and have huge database of our own. So when we submit your news, it`s getting to wider audience. If you go to each of these newswire sites they charge you double the amount you pay at Pressexp to just submit to their database. At pressexp your site is getting listed with many top news sites with very small amount that you pay. We are experts in this field from last 10 years. Our expert staff is specialized in submission work. We will get your Website into Spotlights.
Where we send your Press Release?
We send your news via newswire services, XML, FTP feeds, RSS feeds, e-mail and other web based technologies to distribute press releases to your targeted audiences. We distribute your news to more then 90,000+ registered journalists in over 25,000 newsrooms. We send them news in format they have requested and this assures that your releases are delivered and receive the attention they deserve.
What makes your press release services different from your competitors?

We never charge a membership fee. Unlike other press release services, we have no hidden or extra charges. Our low prices stay low.

We don't spam journalists. Our sources have opted to receive our press releases. Beware of press release services who bombard journalists with unwelcome emails: you'll run the risk of weakening your impact and alienating the very audience you want to impress.

We contact interested journalists directly. We reach more than 95 percent of our sources by name, and send press releases to their personal email addresses. Other press release services simply use a generic "editor@newspaper.com" format.

Journalists want to hear from us, so we clearly identify ourselves in every press release, letting our subscribing journalists know, "This is information that will interest you."

Our low price includes press release distribution through PR Newswire, allowing us to reach the tens of thousands of journalists who subscribe to their service. Also, PR Newswire streams our press releases directly to a number of popular websites.

We're honest about your chances of success. If it were easy to get press, every company worldwide would be doing it. And PR firms wouldn't be charging as much as US$4,000 a month with no guarantee of coverage. Pressexp tells you the truth: your odds of coverage depend on several variables, including newsworthiness, your press release (the hook), timing, and luck.

Does Pressexp writes PR for me?
You can use our Press Release Writing service. Its also included in $99 and $199 plans.
If I have to contact pressexp how can I?
We have online live chat in office hrs, skype support Toll free +1 888 992 7246, and our direct contact # for US clients: 1 704 557 0251 and for UK clients: +44 208 123 3251
Does my news come in Google news and Yahoo news?
Well it depends on Google and yahoo, but often at least 75% our news is shown in Google and yahoo.
Do you social Bookmark my PR as well?
Yes we send your news to many social bookmarking websites so you get more one way links from these top social bookmarking sites.
Does my PR get published on pressexp.com?
Yes we do publish your news on our own website.
Do you offer money back guaranty?
Yes we do offer 100% refund if you are not happy with our service. If we have already submitted your news and your news is published on many sites we may refund you some percentage of the total amount.
How to I make the Payment?
You can pay via Paypal or 2checkout Credit Card.
Do you accept Paypal and credit card Payments?
Yes we do accept payments via Paypal and credit cards via 2checkout (2co) under secure environment.
Do you save my credit card number?
NO! we don't save your Credit Card. When you pay by credit card you are at 2checkout.com's secure website. We don't save your credit card in any form with us.
Do I get the report once my PR has been submitted?
We believe in results. We can send you report as we have submitted your website to 10000's of websites but also say it may or may not be listed by these sites is of no use. We show you results. When you search your news title in Google or Yahoo you can see how many websites have published your news. That's what we called results.