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( 14 Oct, 2010) US – PressExp is one of the leading press release sites which releases news on an event or occurrence for the purposes of promotion of one’s company. People usually confuse a press release with article writing. In an article various facts and figures are put together for for people to read and understand. However in the case of press release it is designed in a fashion so that it can be sent to newspapers, journalists, media outlets or broadcasters so that news could be developed on the subject.

PressExp helps companies by getting them a global exposure through different content distribution partners via Press Release submission and Press Release writing services. If you are planning to get a press release written for your site then here are a few pointers to keep in mind which will help you in getting  a standard press release writing for your site.

The first thing to be kept in mind is the fact that it needs to be reported in third person. The person writing the press release is the reporter who is reporting on an incidence or occurrence. A press release is considered to be at its best if it is under 500 words and has a catchy headline which grabs people’s attention. The start of a press release is the headline needs to be catchy and also needs to be of limited characters. The first character of all words are put in capitals to attract attention of readers. One needs to be particular in using the exclamation mark at the right places so that people understand the fact that it is an advertisement not just a regular news.

The first paragraph should contain the five important W’s which is Who, What , When, Where and Why  the facts which are available with the writer. It should contain the entire message in a gist which can be elaborated and explained in the coming paragraphs. The ongoing paragraphs should contain more detailed information which will help the reader understand the news in detail. All facts as available with the writer needs to be mentioned in detail. If one has quotable quotes or figures which can be displayed it can be put across to make the press release more valid. will help you in increasing more and more traffic to your site. People who have read the content of your press release will click your link and go to your site for more details. A press release is a good means of establishing your brand name among target audience. The more the name of the company or the product is in visibility the more will people want to connect with it the next time around they want to use the product. This means of publicity is not very expensive and you are noticed by more and more people when they are looking for a product or company of your kind.

Some of the other benefits of using is that we have a user friendly submission process which helps people in less consumption of time. During the press release submission process one can also attach files, company logo and images along with the press release. When the customer is online and going through the press release one can also go to the company website as the website is linked to the press release.

PressExp publishes only credible news on its website. The company it publicizes , the news and the statistics it shows are credible and factual piece of information. Only credible and informative press releases are published on the site which also adds on to the credibility of the site.

You could be one of those who takes the benefit of the service provided by the site which would value add for you to get more clients and help you in the growth of the brand name of your company and customer base at large.

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