Convert2xhtml leads PSD to HTML/ XHTML conversion services

Mumbai-India, In every business today “Staying ahead of the competition” attitude is a must to run a successful business.  Right from small to big companies tries to capture the market and offers various discounts and tries to make sure service provided to end customers is ahead of one provided by competitors. In some service and product industry there is war going on price. In old ages we used to understand if any company provides the low cost service is bound to give bad customer support. This is no longer true. Companies like which provides PSD to HTML and PSD to WordPress, PSD to Joomla conversion services at lowest rates and yet provide wonderful customer support.

Gone are days when you had to pay $175 to $200 to get your one page converted to XHTML, with small startups like market is now providing same service for around $45 to $75 for index page conversion of PSD to XHTML. In short span of time started leading this market and captured more than 25% of complete market share.

PSD to XHTML is now days considered as one step ahead of just conversion. Now you have to take care of SEO and page loading etc also into consideration. Here convert2xhtml which is an Einfoway company lead and breaks open their hidden skill of SEO and PHP coding of 11 years of experience. is also an Einfoway company and provides fullest support and latest ideas to convert2xhtml teams. This makes convert2xhtml team stay ahead of market and PSD to HTML, PSD to WordPress, PSD to Joomla etc coders are always updated on latest trend on SEO. As we all know SEO trends change very often and one have to keep continues eye on changing trend. This job at Einfoway is done by SEO experts under So if you plan to outsource your next PSD to HTML project do consider these points and Convert2xhtml. is an Einfoway ISO certified company and it keeps maintaining industrial and coding standards. There is separate team of auditors which picks random orders to study customer experience and tries to improve the process. Complete process is documented; case studies are gone through at intervals and changes are implemented to increase the quality and customer satisfaction.

In recent years Convert2xhtml has experienced a steady growth in terms of orders and customers, men power and various other services like PSD to WordPress, PSD to Drupal, PSD to Joomla etc.  Company management when reviewed this steady growth they confirmed it was due to steady increase in quality, and more customer interactions.

When we had a word with CEO of Leena Ajwani, she emphasized more on BEST PSD to HTML quality and turnaround time. She said quality stands first and then comes turnaround time as if quality is bad customer will never again turn up, if turnaround time is slipped in few cases yet quality is up to the mark customer is defiantly going to come back to us.  She also said they are coming up with new features and services in few days and didn’t want to disclose right now. She said strategy team is working on these new ideas and will be in force from 1st of March.  She also thanked clients and staff members who gave many ideas and suggestions to improve the quality and reduce the cost. She added “We have many designers who have on going relation with us to outsource their projects. These designers always come with bright ideas and share with us, we try to implement once gone through enough study. ” She added many of these designers are featured on great design sites like and use our services and we are proud to have them with us.

For more details on PSD to HTML and PSD to WordPress Conversion services visit

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Key2seo announces a large scale expansion of SEO services for SEO resellers.

Key2seo is an Einfoway ISO Certified company. Today they announced SEO reseller plan with no set up fees and offers around 10-50% off on all its SEO services and SEO plans for resellers.

India-Mumbai, Key2seo a complete SEO and search engine marketing firm continues their march towards providing the most comprehensive and effective reseller plan with no set up cost.  This will offer best opportunity for anyone to start their own SEO Business which hassle free and high revenue stream.  Key2seo is a leading SEO company and so it assures the best SEO reseller program for its resellers. They offer complete SEO services in complete link building packs and also individual seo services like Social bookmarking, Article writing and submission, Press release submission, Directory submission etc at lowest price and yet very effective and no compromise in quality.

With this SEO reseller plan, resellers get assurance of quality and 100% confidentiality. Unlike other white label seo reseller programs where in all resellers main asset, their customers details are with SEO companies and they mis-use it for direct marketing, key2seo does not asks for customer details. For key2seo, their resellers are its customers. http://www.Key2seo provides high tech control panel for their resellers to place order, add funds, manage their customers (if they want to), customize reports etc. Resellers can pay in advance using Add funds option using Paypal, 2checkout for credit cards or any Indian banks via Net banking or they can also pay as they place the order.

“As we are leading our way and making good progress, we have re-defined our SEO Reseller packages and given more control to our resellers who sell them. So far we used to have only handful of resellers as we didn’t had system in place. Now we are all set with new CRM system for our resellers.  We will offer many more SEO services only for our resellers in coming days.” avowed the CEO of Einfoway, Leena in grand SEO Reseller launch party.

All SEO packs and services are designed by SEO experts at keeping in the view the demand as well as needs of the clients, resellers and customers. SEO reseller via can be good revenue source for SEO Consultants, web Design and Development Companies, Web Hosting Companies, Marketing & Advertising Agencies, Reputation Management Companies, Internet Marketing Advertising Agencies etc.  Till date many big brands use Key2seo services to lower their cost and to gain max quality. has proven CRM system where in all confidential details are not viewable to rest to staff members. They have fast customer support and they are always reachable around the clock. Many SEO consultants design their own SEO strategy and use key2seo services to get results of their SEO strategy.

Why Choose Key2seo SEO Reseller Program?

  • No Setup Fees − Join in 2 minutes.
  • Sell at your own price
  • No need to disclose the customer details.
  • Pay as you sell.
  • Auto Customize your reports
  • Open for signing NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)
  • Classic Backend Customer Support
  • Only Ethical SEO Services
  • Proper CRM and confidentiality maintained at all levels. also helps its resellers to setup their website or establish its marketing so that they can generate more business.

For more details on SEO reseller program visit

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